A taste of bribery

On a warm summers eve, around eighty guests gathered together on Monday 21st July at Doughty Street Chambers for the launch of Bribery: A Compliance Handbook, attracting some of London’s elite lawyers, solicitors, barristers and many more corporate bodies to join in celebration.

A short and sweet opening speech was given by the writer of the foreword for the book, Sir Keir Starmer KCB QC. His praising comments on the book ended with us toasting to the authors, Raj Chada, Chris Sallon and Sam Tate, who all in his own words brilliantly blended together to give the book its real authority and insight into the changed world of Bribery.

Chris Sallon QC, a criminal defence barrister and leader of Doughty Street Chambers’ Regulatory and Financial Crime team, was the first of the authors to welcome us all as guests and friends. His humorous nature had everyone engaged from start to end, drawing on the important development of global corruption yet managing to put a light-hearted spin on the concerning subject area.

Sam Tate is a leading in-house lawyer in the UK, and similarly received a warming response from everyone. He thanked all those who were all involved in the making of the book including his father to whom he dedicated his written chapters to.

Raj Chada, a partner at Hodge Jones and Allen, concluded the speeches for the evening and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to everyone who had attended the event; whilst promising to send Sepp Blatter a much needed copy of the book.

An enjoyable evening ended socialising with drinks and for some tucking into a delicious array of canapés but for Chris Sallon, biting into a juicy red apple!

A special thanks to Doughty Street Chambers for hosting the event.

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