Professional Negligence Law in the 21st Century: A Festschrift for Keith Stanton

In recent years, judicial decisions, social trends, policy agendas and economic upheaval have all contributed to the evolution of key principles of professional negligence law and the emergence of... Read more

Professional Negligence in the 21st Century

**Event Update 5/1/17** Spaces now limited. Booking closes at 12 noon on 11/1/17. Read more

Is medical innovation inhibited by fear of litigation?

Litigation for damages for clinical professional negligence has the objective of providing financial compensation for patients who suffer injuries as a result of incompetent treatment. The objective... Read more

John Baron MP on Clinical Negligence

Since the last edition of this text, the main changes in clinical negligence have concerned the economics of litigation rather than the substantive law. I am informed by the editors that the major... Read more

Wilkinson v Downton and freedom of expression: Should a nineteenth century tort limit an author’s ability to tell his own life story?

In ordinary human discourse, words may be spoken which may be abusive, untrue or insulting. The person addressed may, as a result, feel distressed or even humiliated. Such words may have serious... Read more

GAA say Lufthansa acted correctly, as reported by CNN

CNN report on Lufthansa's procedural compliance CNN has covered the issue of procedural compliance concerning Lufthansa and the German aviation authority, in the case of the recent plane... Read more

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