Transforming public procurement

Green Paper on reforms to public procurement law after Brexit The Cabinet Office has published its consultation paper for reforms to public procurement law for a post-Brexit Britain, outlining what... Read more

Clinging to the Wreckage: Maximising Value

In these cash-strapped times Local Authorities who are the proud owners of Market Rights and Market Places should be mindful of the potential value of such property ownership for several reasons: Read more

Lost luggage, a High Court Judge and a Saudi Prince

In this second interview with Philip Kolvin QC, we discuss two case in which judges ruled quite differently over similar conduct issues, but which both sound a note of caution to councillors to make... Read more

Grass roots music venues and licensing in town centres

While the attraction of bright light city-living continues to grow, the very presence of such residents threatens to dull the very culture they are attracted to. Read more

“Vile and scurvy” politicians slammed

Philip Kolvin QC has written such an interesting preface for his new book regarding the public's perception of local government officials, that we thought you might like to read it ahead of the book... Read more

DJ or CJ? – Part (2)

by Kuljit Bhogal, Leading Barrister in Social Housing at Cornerstone Barristers Read more

DJ or CJ? – the new ASB injunctions

By Kuljit Bhogal, Leading Barrister in Social Housing at Cornerstone Barristers Read more

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