Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: August Teaser

The Court of Appeal upheld a finding of likelihood of indirect confusion between EU and UK trade marks for EAGLE RARE (registered for goods in class 33) and a bourbon whiskey sold under the name... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: July Teaser

In an important trade mark judgment (Sky v SkyKick), the Court of Appeal reversed the first instance finding that Sky’s trade marks for SKY were partially invalid due to lack of intention to use... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: June Teaser

Patent cases dominate this month’s IP & IT Briefing. The Court of Appeal discussed ‘purposive construction’ in a case concerning railway trackbeds in which it upheld the first instance finding that... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: May Teaser

Trade mark and passing off cases feature heavily in this month’s IP & IT Briefing. Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Law Briefing: April Teaser

Three complex patent cases lead this month’s briefing. Alcon Research LLC & Anor v Actavis Group PTC EHF & Ors concerned a patent for treating glaucoma and ocular hypertension, the validity of which... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: March Teaser

This month’s Briefing includes three Court of Appeal judgments, six decisions of the lower courts, two rulings from the CJEU and one from the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal, as well as a report on the... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: February Teaser

There was one notable Court of Appeal decision this month, concerning Crown use. In a judgment written by Lord Justice Arnold, the Court reversed the decision of the first instance judge, finding... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: January Teaser

The Court of Appeal gave a rare judgment on confidential information this month, in a case concerning former employees of Trailfinders who had gone to work for a rival. The judgment provides guidance... Read more

Ransomware Attacks: To Pay, Or Not To Pay, That Is The Question

With increased remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all more alive to the risk of cyber threats and attacks. One of the cyber threats that came to the forefront of people's... Read more

Bloomsbury IP/IT Briefing: December Teaser

The Court of Appeal has published its judgment in the Bentley Clothing case, upholding all the first instance findings in the dispute between Bentley Clothing and Bentley Motors over trade mark... Read more

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