Employment and Pensions Law (5 - 19 February)

Feature of the Fortnight Back in July 2017, Matthew Taylor published the Taylor review which was a culmination of an independent review into modern working practices. The Government has published its... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (22 January - 5 February)

Feature of the Fortnight The overhaul of pensions schemes and the perilous collapse of the likes of Carillion’s have been prolific in the news recently. The most recent scandal to emerge is that of... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (8-22 January)

Employment News Employers ‘aren’t bothering to verify candidates’ CV claims’ People Management – 18 January A recent BBC investigation has revealed that numerous employers and HR teams are not... Read more

Shared Parental Leave - Part 3

Read part 1 and part 2. Read more

Shared Parental Leave - Part 2

Read part 1 here. Read more

Shared Parental Leave - Part 1

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) came into force on 5 April 2015 in the UK and enables parents to share childcare responsibilities during the first year of their child’s life. SPL is not a new concept but... Read more

Working holidays: a dangerous culture?

Now that many workers’ smartphones connect them with their office inbox 24/7, the boundary between time off and work is increasingly blurred. The norm seems to be to check work emails whilst on... Read more

Travelling to work may be working time

Continuing increases in rent and business rates, especially across London, will no doubt force many businesses to consider ways in which to reduce their office rental costs. By promoting hot desking... Read more

Cross-Border Restrictive Covenants

Restructuring a business is often a stressful exercise and the uncertainty, which months of consultations inevitably causes, increases the risk of key employees leaving for other opportunities.... Read more

Alternative Employment Abroad

Most businesses, when carrying out a redundancy exercise, will be aware of the duty to consider alternative employment for employees at risk of dismissal. However, when businesses are... Read more

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