Flying a Kite?

A double page spread in The Times on 1 February consisted almost entirely of negative comments about employment tribunals. The writer, Dominic Kennedy, also floated the idea that we could do without... Read more

Coronavirus: employee rights

There have been unprecedented impacts on employees’ rights during this global pandemic, including the right to health and safety at work and the right to be paid.  Read more

Five from 5: Furloughing

Message from the Editor, Dan Hobbs: This is a special edition produced to answer many of the employment law questions arising out of the present COVID-19 pandemic.On 1 April 2020, Alastair Hodge and... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (20 September – 4 October)

Employment News Government pledges further hike to national living wage People Management – 1 October Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, has announced government plans to increase the ... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (6 September – 20 September)

Employment News Whistleblowing – future disclosures and reasonable belief Farrer & Co – 19 September Rachel Lewis from Farrer & Co discusses the whistleblowing cases of Bilsborough v Berry... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (9 August – 23 August)

Employment News Brexit: EU migration rules 'to end straight after no-deal' BBC News – 19 August If there is a no-deal Brexit on 31 October, the government has decided that free movement will end... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (26 July – 9 August)

Employment News UK employment slows ahead of Brexit finale Consultancy – 9 August With the Brexit deadline around the corner, the outlook employment has fallen to its lowest in more than a year. ... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (12 July – 26 July)

Employment News Redeployment rights for pregnant employees and maternity returners announced Lewis Silkin – 25 July During the final days of Theresa May’s government, redeployment rights for... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (28 June – 12 July)

Employment News Wages ‘would be £5,000 higher on average’ if productivity crisis were fixed People Management – 8 July According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), stagnant productivity... Read more

Employment and Pensions Law (7 June – 21 June)

Employment News Total pay has increased by 1.2% in real terms since April 2018 Employee Benefits – 18 June Total pay, including bonuses, has increased by 1.2% in real terms between February 2018... Read more

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