Draft cannabis law advances in Mexico

Mexico has taken a step further towards a fully legal adult recreational cannabis market after draft legislation sailed through the Senate last week. Read more

PGAOCC – Compensation and causation

Anyone who works in the criminal justice system will have come across the multitude of ancillary orders that now exist. From the police officer who takes a witness statement from a stalking... Read more

Q&A with Edward Jones and Jessica Jones

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with authors and lawyers, Edward Jones and Jessica Jones.  Read more

Drugs Offences Litigation

In different jurisdictions, the possession and use of certain substances is restricted. These substances include chemicals and herbs that can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes. Such... Read more

Policing Financial Crimes

In 2015, an anonymous source released documents which became known as the Panama Papers, detailing financial information of wealthy individuals and public officials across the world. The papers... Read more

Brexit and the European Arrest Warrant: You Can’t Eat Your Cake and Have it

As the deadline for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) draws close, analysts continue to assess the impact that the withdrawal will have on the lives and... Read more

Red Notice – Red Menace?

Interpol Red Notices have been a regular feature in the press in recent months, for example the temporary arrest of Bill Browder, but what is a Red Notice, and should we be concerned about their... Read more

Q&A with Emma Fenn

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with criminal defence barrister and author, Emma Fenn. Read more

President Trump and Michael Cohen: advice privilege and the ‘iniquity exemption’

Advice privilege and Mr Trump’s hush money The Guardian reported on 22 August 2018 of President Trump’s lawyer: Read more

Kaine Agary on human trafficking: the victims and survivors in focus

In March 2012, an amateur video surfaced on the internet showing a woman being dragged by two men into a waiting car. That woman was Alem Dechasa, a 33-year-old Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon.... Read more

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