Coronavirus ground activity to a halt

The plan was to spend a couple of months in Italy at the start of the year and then begin promoting the book in March. It’s fair to say it was all going swimmingly until I broke my leg on a ski slope... Read more

A remote advocate and jurist

Coronavirus, in a perverse way, opens up new vistas for me as a family litigation lawyer; and it may have benign consequences for open justice in family courts.I stopped conventional practice (daily... Read more

Remote but transparent? Open justice under the lockdown

As a law reporter and legal commentator, one of my main concerns is open justice. The aims, obstacles and methods of achieving that in the context of the generally private hearings of the family... Read more

Mediating clinical claims – the new way

Probably the fastest growing sector in mediation practice in the last five years has been in clinical claims.  In 2014, NHS Resolution (then called the NHS Litigation Authority) piloted a scheme for... Read more

The virtual Court of Appeal

Last week I watched a Court of Appeal hearing. As a reporter and editor covering the law, that’s something I’ve done from time to time over the past 20 years. But this occasion was different: I was... Read more

Will Covid-19 refocus Court processes?

How does working from home during Covid-19 affect your clients?Remote hearings are satisfactory to the extent that they offer a fair process with fair outcomes. But yet, something is missing. For... Read more

We have got out of problems before

How does your new work pattern affect you as a solicitor? Read more

Keeping in touch and being available is key

How does your new work pattern affect you as a solicitor?As a corporate partner at Charles Russell Speechlys I was set up to work remotely so luckily the work pattern hasn’t been affected.My sector... Read more

Mediating in your pyjamas

Covid 19 is making us all mediate online. But not just online. We’re mediating from home. Online mediation is different. And home mediation is even more different. Read more

"Break the neck of the day's work before breakfast"

The reality for me is that there is no discernible difference between now and before the lock-down edict was issued. I have happily worked from home for many years even with 5 young children on board... Read more

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