Company Law: How to embed equality of opportunity into your company’s articles of association

The Equality Act 2010 The introduction of the Equality Act 2010 (EA) initiated a decisive change in how companies, charities, and public bodies implement their equality polices. A raft of equality... Read more

Company Law: Can I hold a company meeting virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 has disrupted daily routines and impinged on the work choices for many people. Home working, virtual meetings and utilizing electronic signatures is the new normal; until we get back to the... Read more

Negotiating contracts

Who drafts the contract? The original agreement (and the clauses it contains) is the starting point. You are immediately at a disadvantage if you are adapting someone else’s draft proposals. The... Read more

Q&A with Susan Singleton

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with author and solicitor, Susan Singleton.  Read more

Why every contract needs ‘quality control’ clauses

Setting a benchmark Quality control clauses have two aims: (1) to set a firm standard and quality for content; and (2) to establish the product’s or service’s expected purpose or how it is to... Read more

Do automated agreements and licences need to be reviewed by qualified lawyers?

Assessing the whole relationship The government’s problems with Carillion would not have arisen if there had been someone involved in the procurement process and subsequent agreements who had had the... Read more

Digital legal transformation or electronic data collection shell?

Is the rush by the Justice department to move everything online being done without sufficient analysis and are the consultations merely rolled out public relation exercises? There has been... Read more

Six key issues to check in any contract

There are recurring themes which cause problems in many types of agreements because the issues are not raised during negotiations and so are not drafted with any certainty in the contract clauses.... Read more

How can I protect my copyright?

Whether you are an entrepreneur setting up a new social enterprise or an established business aiming to widen your social media appeal and improve your website. You need to have a strategy in place... Read more

The impact of legislation and case law on drafting commercial contracts

Background Legislation and case law is not the same in each country of the global market and it is unlikely that you would have knowledge of each legal system. There may be restrictions, definitions... Read more

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