Company Law: How do the courts interpret the articles of association?

A common problem with the articles of association is the addition of poorly drafted precedents with unambiguous terms. The court is often asked to make judgments on such provisions and to interpret... Read more

Right to Manage companies: which Articles of Association do you use?

Right to Manage companies Right to Manage (RTM) companies are private companies limited by guarantee, which enables a group of leaseholders, typically in blocks of flats, to take over the management... Read more

Company Law: What happens on the death of a shareholder?

Introduction According to the office of national statistics, sole proprietor businesses and partnerships are decreasing and the use of private limited companies is increasing. 72.5% of total UK... Read more

Company law: amending the articles of association and minority rights

When drafting company articles, the objective is to provide clear and concise guidance on how a company conducts its business together with procedures for common shareholder events. Provisions in the... Read more

Charity Law: How to use the Charity Commissions, model governing documents

Governing documents for a charitable company Read more

Company law: Are the company articles of association enforceable in law?

Shareholders and members Read more

Company Law: Articles of Association, what is Entrenchment?

What is entrenchment? Read more

Charity Law: Which articles of association does a charitable company use?

Introduction Read more

Company Law: New regulator set to overhaul directors’ accountability and remuneration provisions

Corporates collapse and public trust Read more

Charity Law: Government agrees Law Commission recommendations on changing governing documents for charitable incorporated organisations

The launch of the structure of the charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) in 2013 allowed unincorporated charity trustees to take advantage of the limited liability offered by a company, without... Read more

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