Is blogging still the king of SEO?

If you manage or work with an organisation that uses the web to promote your information or services, then it is very likely you'll know or have come into contact with blogs. You may even have... Read more

What is the impact of fake news on publishers?

It is one of the most supercharged topics of our age. The concept of intentionally falsified material being promoted on the internet and social media seems scary and abhorrent to the vast majority... Read more

Judicial blogging: How judges get around the official ban on writing or contributing to ‘web logs’

The ban on blogging In the popular imagination, the judiciary are perpetually at odds with modernity. It is always a ‘top judge’ who finds himself (it has to be a him, too, doesn’t it?), asking in... Read more

How do I promote my book with a blog?

Advice on how to be heard online, what’s your voice? Read more

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