The Science of Searching

How the Bloomsbury Professional Online Law Library uses the same logic as leading websites to boost your power to research, quickly and precisely. Read more

Divorce – the other side of the law court – the couple and family

The recent publicity generated by the Supreme Court judgment in the Owens v Owens case; where Mrs Owens was not permitted the divorce from her husband that she had been hoping for (the couple had not... Read more

Judges on social media: being ‘friendly’ is great, but is it judicious?

Judges in England and Wales are more or less forbidden to engage on social media, and if any do so they are almost invisible to the public gaze. But in the United States the position is markedly... Read more

Legal Helplines: Threat or Opportunity?

The idea of free legal advice will likely inspire many different images in the minds of population at large. Read more

How Legal Professionals Can Avoid Information Overload

Why Quizzes are working to attract browsers to websites

The idea of a quiz may seem like a superficial thing. A bit of frivolity to pass the time perhaps. But in the competitive landscape of web and digital, they have come to represent a powerful type of... Read more

Judges on Twitter: some other common law jurisdictions

During a high profile criminal trial in Canada some years ago, the trial judge discovered that someone had created a fake Twitter account in his name. Reporters covering the trial began following the... Read more

Judges on Twitter – ‘They do it over there but we don’t do it here'

Here’s a short legal discussion on Twitter of the sort that happens every day, beginning with a question: Read more

Native ads are now king

How to use content style promotions on social media 'Blend in to the environment’: it sounds like a military command and certainly not a concept you would associate with the execution of an... Read more

Facebook ads are key for publishers but for how long?

Between them, Facebook and Google account for over half the UK's digital revenue spend. To the uninitiated this might seem somewhat of a surprise.  There can't be anyone who isn't aware of the... Read more

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