Statutory Nuisance, Third Edition

Statutory Nuisance, Third Edition
Robert McCracken QC, Gregory Jones QC & James Pereira


statutory nuisanceHow helpful are statutory nuisance laws?

Statutory nuisance remedies were intended to be speedy, cheap and readily accessible to ordinary people, but most recent news stories show that the complexities of recent laws and further technical difficulties have led to cases becoming long, drawn out and prohibitively expensive.

Redressing the balance

Launching this week, the new third edition of Statutory Nuisance seeks to help redress this balance by providing a readily accessible and practical guide to the statutory nuisance regime. This book gives an awareness of the possibilities that are otherwise only available at great expense from specialist practitioners.

Statutory Nuisance, Third Edition provides a practical breakdown of the law and a clear demonstration of how it can be applied in practice.

It guides readers from initial assessment of a potential nuisance, through drafting abatement and other notices, preparing evidence, the role of judicial review and potential cost awards.  It contains step by step guidance to the magistrates’ and higher courts.

Thoroughly updated

Thoroughly updated to take account of new legislation, recent case law and other relevant developments the third edition includes:

·    The Court of Appeal decisions in Watson v Croft Promo Motor Sport and Coventry v Lawrence on noise nuisance abatement notices
·    The  decisions in Barr v Biffa and Ethos Recycling on the relationship of other regulatory regimes to statutory nuisance
·    New Equality Act 2011
·    The new civil procedure for abatement appeal as contained in the Magistrates’
·    Courts (Amendment) Rules 2009 and The Crown Court (Amendment) Rules 2009
·    Criminal Procedure Rules 2011

All the tools needed

Easily understandable and user friendly this book not only provides clear explanations and practical guidance, but also sets out the primary materials needed in court – all in one handy volume.

In addition to all the essentials there is a specific section on statutory nuisance proceedings brought by an individual as well as chapters on related areas such as other powers dealing with problems akin to nuisance, other environmental regimes and the impact of human rights legislation.

Who should read this new edition?

This is an invaluable addition to the bookshelves of lawyers, advice centres, environmental health officers, community groups, commercial enterprises and individual citizens.

About the authors

Robert McCracken QC, Gregory Jones QC and James Pereira are leading public and environmental law barristers, practising from Francis Taylor Building, Temple. Between them they have many years of experience and have worked on many high profile cases involving statutory nuisance and other areas of environmental law.

ISBN: 978 1 84766 701 4 Pub date: June-12 Format: Paperback Price: £90

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