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Press Release
June 2014

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences – A Practitioner’s Guide9781780433271

Nigel Richardson & Peter Clark
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Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences – A Practitioner’s Guide is the brand new practical guide to the law relating to sexual offences. It gives practitioners the ability to respond quickly, particularly on arrest and questioning of the accused and during the preparation of the case, and provides in-depth advice for the entire trial process.

In-depth information, designed for quick access

Covering the 70+ different sexual offences currently on the statute books, from obvious offences such as rape or sexual touching, to more arcane matters like voyeurism or breach of a position of trust. It also covers the range of offences relating to images, pornography and prostitution and provides advice on historic offences which may still be charged today.

All this information is predominantly provided in tabular form such as charts and flow diagrams to allow quick access during crucial and sensitively-timed situations.

In separate sections the book also discusses general topics at greater length such as the meaning of ‘consent’, and gives detailed advice on: issues that arise for those dealing with matters at the police station; points of evidence; and specific sentencing matters, such as sex offender notification and Sexual Offence Prevention Orders.

Accessible sections

Each offence is dealt with in individual chapters that follow a consistent structure throughout. Each chapter contains: the elements the prosecution must prove; the potential defences; issues that are likely to arise; jurisdiction; and sentence.

More practical helps is offered in the form of:
• Case preparation checklists
• Draft indictments
• Detailed practical information on matters the lay client will need to be advised about - which is often not contained in ‘legal’ textbooks
• Detailed guidance on the key evidential issues which arise in sex cases
• Analysis of the relatively-new offences of possession of extreme and prohibited images
• Guidance on the analysis of indecent or pornographic images found on computers
• Guidance on Sexual Offence Prevention Orders

Who should read this book?

Being both comprehensive and highly practical, this is a must-have title for solicitors, barristers, police station-accredited representatives, CPS personnel and members of the judiciary.


Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences covers:
• Definitive Sentencing Guidelines for Sexual Offences (effective from 1st April 2014)
• Sexual Offences Act 2003
• Sexual Offences Act 1956
• Indecency with Children Act 1960
• Protection of Children Act 1978
• Criminal Justice Act 1988
• Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
• Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999
• Coroners and Justice Act 2009
• Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
• Criminal Procedure Rules
• Key case law

About the authors

Nigel Richardson, solicitor, has practised in the criminal courts for over 25 years. He is a partner in Hodge Jones and Allen, where he heads one of the biggest and most prestigious criminal law departments in the UK. He has extensive experience defending in sexual offence cases at all levels, including the most serious. He is a Crown Court advocate and sits as a Deputy District Judge.

Peter Clark is a barrister at 187 Fleet Street with considerable experience covering the whole spectrum of sexual offences. Accredited at Grade 4 by the Crown Prosecution Service, Peter appears for prosecution and defence in equal measure. As a specialist rape prosecutor he is routinely instructed in gang rape and multi-victim cases. Peter is also heavily involved in barrister training.
ISBN: 978 1 78043 327 1 Pub Date: June 2014 Format: Softback
Price: £70 Extent: 350pp


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