Q&A with Edward Jones and Jessica Jones

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with authors and lawyers, Edward Jones and Jessica Jones. 

1. What first attracted you to criminal law?

Ed: The issues that a criminal lawyer deals with on a daily basis – liberty, fairness, the individual against the state – just seemed so much more engaging than other areas of law.

2. If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you like to be?

Ed: Lawyers practising in this area of law are usually driven by an urge to help people who have found themselves in very difficult circumstances. I couldn’t see my myself doing anything that was vastly different from that.

3. What do you consider to be the biggest misapprehension about criminal law/ criminal lawyers?

Jess: People always ask how you can represent someone you think is guilty, but they never ask what it’s like representing someone you think is innocent. It’s the pressure of acting for someone who’s been wrongly accused that keeps you up at night.

4. How do you think Brexit will impact criminal law in the UK?

Jess: Membership of the EU gives us access to EU databases through which police forces across Europe share data on criminals and suspects. On a no-deal Brexit, we’ll lose that access – and we’ll lose our membership of the European Arrest Warrant scheme, making it much harder for criminals to be extradited into or out of the UK.

Edward Jones and Jessica Jones are the authors of Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook.

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