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1. What first attracted you to personal injury law?

I somewhat fell into in. I was unsure what I wanted to do after completing my law degree. I decided to undertake a part-time Masters in English literature whilst I decided. I need to work whilst doing this. The jobs I happened to obtain – working for the Legal Aid Board, and then as insurance claims handler – by chance as much as design involved personal injury litigation. I discovered that I greatly enjoyed this work. It seemed a natural progression to seek to practice in that area when going to the bar.

2. If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you like to be?

Safari guide.

3. What do you consider to be the biggest misapprehension about personal injury law?

That largely consists of litigating spurious claims as a part of a mythical “compensation culture”. It is often overlooked that personal injury law encompasses not just minor tripping accidents but also, for example, cases of employees poisoned to death by asbestos. People do sometimes seek to bring spurious claims. However, not very many people. And most lawyers will refuse to accept such cases. The minority of spurious claims that do make it through the net are almost invariably dismissed.

4. Will Brexit affect the future of personal injury claims?

Very difficult to say. It seems likely that the economic fall-out will aggravate the severe funding and resource problems afflicting the court service. One may well see an increase in the uptake in arbitration and other such forms of ADR as a result.

Andrew Roy is the co-author of Personal Injury Limitation Law

Written by Andrew Roy

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