International Handbook to Social Media Laws - Press Release

New book proves that you can have a comprehensive guide to fraud at an affordable price

Fraud: A Practitioner’s Handbook is a new concise guide to the practice of fraud cases, written in a format that enhances practical understanding of the field. It covers how fraud is committed,... Read more

Banking and Capital Markets Companion, Fifth Edition - Press Release

Press Release NEW EDITION March 2011 Read more

Right to be Forgotten in the Social Media Age

The recent Google Spain decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has received more popular commentary than the average legal case. This is justifiably so given that the case... Read more

Trolling Sentence to be Increased

It seems that issues surrounding online abuse are never far from the front page at the moment. From online abuse examples such as trolling, trolling convictions, new laws, revenge porn, celebrity... Read more

Need the latest on banking and capital markets?

New edition of extremely accessible guide to the banking and capital markets – now published Read more

Employment Tribunals: How to bring or defend a claim

The Employment Tribunals Handbook: Practice, Procedures and Strategies for Success, Fourth Edition Read more

Addressing the growing concerns for all IT users

As data privacy, information ownership and information usage become a growing concern for all users of IT, the new edition of Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law addresses these... Read more

Mediators need to be prepared for the updated Civil Procedure Rules following the Jackson report

In the wake of the Jackson reforms new guidance has just been published to ensure that lawyers and practitioners now fully understand the position of mediation law within the context of the Civil... Read more

New guide helps companies avoid the shareholder remuneration backlash

Directors’ remuneration incentives are currently the largest source of shareholder dissent with 7% voting against remuneration reports. But how do directors’ remuneration committees find the balance... Read more

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