Fosbrook and Laing move their contract expertise to Bloomsbury Professional

We are delighted to announce that, for the first time, Bloomsbury Professional will be publishing the new 6th edition of the market leading contract book The A-Z of Contract Clauses, Sixth Edition, ... Read more

Statutory Nuisance, Third Edition

Statutory Nuisance, Third Edition Robert McCracken QC, Gregory Jones QC & James Pereira Read more

The Law of Assisted Reproduction - Press Release

Press Release Brand New Title Read more

Localism and Planning - Press Release

Press Release NEW TITLE Publishing 30th May 2012 Read more

Insurance Claims, Third Edition - Press Release

Press Release May 2012 Read more

Television Cameras in Court

[embed width="320"][/embed] Read more

Environmental Impact Assessments – size matters

Environmental impact assessments, South Pass Oil Impacts —lagohsep ( Read more

A contract is not worth the paper it’s written on

Or not written on as many people now ‘experience’ contracts not as a printed document, but on a computer screen. This poses certain challenges. Read more

The Protest Handbook

Press Release Brand New Title April 2012 Read more

Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court - Press Release

Press Release NEW EDITION October 2011 Read more

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