Using the Proceeds of Crime Act against property companies and landlords

The last few years has seen an unusual development in the use of proceeds of crime legislation against landlords. The proceeds of crime legislation is a powerful tool in the armoury of the police and... Read more

The latest UK company law developments

The rapid pace of change in the modernisation process of UK company law renders it dynamic, influential and respected internationally, owing to its ability to adapt to the constant needs of a modern... Read more

6 tweets you might have missed this week

These tweets caught our eye. You might like them too: Read more

Cross-Border Restrictive Covenants

Restructuring a business is often a stressful exercise and the uncertainty, which months of consultations inevitably causes, increases the risk of key employees leaving for other opportunities.... Read more

September 2015 - No right for Agency Workers to be considered

Alternative Employment Abroad

Most businesses, when carrying out a redundancy exercise, will be aware of the duty to consider alternative employment for employees at risk of dismissal. However, when businesses are... Read more

Is medical innovation inhibited by fear of litigation?

Litigation for damages for clinical professional negligence has the objective of providing financial compensation for patients who suffer injuries as a result of incompetent treatment. The objective... Read more

John Baron MP on Clinical Negligence

Since the last edition of this text, the main changes in clinical negligence have concerned the economics of litigation rather than the substantive law. I am informed by the editors that the major... Read more

August 2015 - 'Unfavourable treatment' in disability and pregnancy claims

The Bribery Act 2010: An International Act with Far Reaching Consequences for Business

By Adrian Eissa This article first appeared on Corporate Live Wire on 24th July 2015. Read more

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