Mediators need to be prepared for the updated Civil Procedure Rules following the Jackson report

mediatorsIn the wake of the Jackson reforms new guidance has just been published to ensure that lawyers and practitioners now fully understand the position of mediation law within the context of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Leading law publisher Bloomsbury Professional has just made available a new title, Mediation Law and Civil Practice.  Its purpose is to ensure that lawyers and mediators are fully aware and updated on all the processes and practicalities of mediation within the civil justice system.

Mediation is often seen as a more flexible, quicker and cost-effective process for resolving many forms of litigation.  This has led to its rise and rise as the route of choice to settle disputes.  However it is vital that anyone involved with managing the meditation process understands how its law ties in with the Civil Procedure Rules.

Tony Allen, the work's author and highly influential lawyer who has helped shape the mediation landscape said, ' is imperative that CPR in relation to mediation law is fully understood, especially since the 2013 amendments have been implemented as initiated by the Jackon report...  ...all the key points that impact on the mediation law landscape have been described in detail in this guide.'

Allen has added his years of practial insight to this work, as well as his own thoughts on the current legislation.  It covers all the core areas of mediation law such as: the legal framework of mediation and its place within the Civil Procedure Rules, the role of Advanced Dispute Resolution Orders within the mediation process, the impact of the latest EU Directive on Mediation, and of course the fallout from the Jackon report.

Martin Casimir, Managing Director of Bloomsbury Professional said: 'We are delighted to be able to work with such a distinguished leading expert in the field of mediation law and publish this title.  Our goal is to ensure that professionals have access to the latest and highest quality information and guidance to help them reach their objectives.   This brand new title does exactly that...'

Mediation Law and Civil Practice is available directly from Bloomsbury Professional, list price £55.  The complete contents and description of the work can be found at:

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