"Leave the common law of clinical negligence alone..." - John Baron MP

Clinical Negligence Launch Party – 20th January, Lincoln’s Inn

The evening of Wednesday 20th January marked the launch of the 5th edition of Clinical Negligence, by Dr Michael Powers QC, Dr Anthony Barton and a team of 54 expert contributors. It was held in the Great Hall at Lincoln’s Inn – an impressive venue for an eminent book.

John Baron MP

Alongside the authors’ thanks, John Baron MP addressed the audience and said: “Negligence is largely a creature of the common law...The reasoning and decisions are generally pragmatic, flexible and robust - they accord with common sense. It is well suited to consider liability in medical innovation...The best thing legislators can do is by and large to leave the common law of clinical negligence alone…”. This clear and robust thinking was also shared by the general editors in their speeches - at a time when the controversial Medical Innovation Bill and the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill are going through Parliament.


Other notable guests included Sir Barry Jackson who was assistant editor for the new edition and Nigel Newton, CEO of Bloomsbury Publishing, who offered his thanks for the hard work and time that had gone in to the publication of the 5th edition.

In total, there were 80 guests, including many of the book’s contributors – many of whom enjoyed the chance to meet in person, after working so closely together.


A great night was had by all, with a string quartet from the Royal College of Music adding to the ethereal ambience of the evening, with delicious food and champagne served by the team at Lincoln’s Inn.

Bloomsbury would also like to thank Michael and Anthony for their efforts and expertise, and for bringing this wonderful book together. What a fitting party for this great achievement – well deserved.P1000039

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