IP & IT Law (9 April - 23 April)

IP & IT Law

Price comparison site data may have been used by Leave.EU

The Guardian – 21 April

Brittany Kaiser, an ex-director of Cambridge Analytica, has claimed that the Leave.EU campaign, headed by Nigel Farage, may have breached data protection by targeting customers of Eldon Insurance to promote anti-Europe messaging using their private data. Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance both deny the claims.

Facebook to exclude billions from European privacy laws

BBC News – 19 April

Facebook has recently changed its terms of services to avoid having to apply the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to countries outside the EU. 1.5 billion members will now be governed by Facebook Inc based in the US rather than Facebook Ireland.

EU to force tech firms to hand over terror suspects' messages

The Guardian – 17 April

The European Commission is attempting to force technology companies based in the EU to hand over any communications of terror suspects, including emails, texts and messages via apps. However, campaign group, European Digital Rights, has expressed its concern and stated the measures ‘pose a threat to people’s fundamental rights.’

Cambridge Analytica scandal 'highlights need for AI regulation'

The Guardian – 16 April

Lord Clement-Jones, the head of the House of Lords select committee on artificial intelligence (AI), has stated that the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has highlighted the need for AI regulation. The committee has five ethical principles, including operating on principles of intelligibility and fairness, which they believe should be applied across all sectors.

Robot rights violate human rights, experts warn EU

Euro News – 13 April

In an open letter to the European Commission, over 150 robotics experts have warned against granting legal status to ‘sophisticated, autonomous robots’. The proposal to do so may be a breach of human rights law, and the experts have suggested creating rules specific to the development of robotics.

Companies still fear they will fail to meet GDPR deadline

Data IQ – 13 April

1,000 ‘decision makers’ from the UK, US, France and Germany were surveyed by NetApp, where it was revealed that 67% were fearful that their businesses may not be GDPR
compliant before the 25 May deadline. Only 40% of the respondents could confidently state where their data is currently stored.

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