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Changes to UK Patent Fees

Wilson Gunn – 16 January

Wilson Gunn detail the new patent fee increases on their website. The patent office has increased the fee for paper filing by more than if filed online in an attempt to steer people towards online filing. The new fees come into place on 6 April 2018.

Carphone Warehouse fined for failures that led to breach of 3m customers' data

The Guardian – 10 January

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined the Carphone Warehouse £400,000 for having multiple security issues following a data breach in 2015 that leaked the data of three million customers. The ICO commented that the company are lacking some ‘basic, commonplace measures’.

Data protection bill amended to protect security researchers

The Guardian – 9 January

The Data Protection Bill will now be amended to protect security researchers who uncover abuses of personal data. The Bill will make it a criminal offence to ‘intentionally or recklessly re-identify individuals from anonymised or pseudonymised data’, and has been approved of by a number of researchers who had previously expressed concerns.

Companies will make major enterprise-wide changes to address cyber risk

Information Age – 8 January

A recent report by Aon has made a number of cyber security predictions, including that of businesses having to introduce new measures to address cybersecurity risk. The article discusses, amongst other things, the increasing use of cyber insurance policies and how this is likely to spread further in 2018.

Success for Sony in defending Vita

Wilson Gunn – 8 January

Spanish company Vieta Audio, SA, filed a revocation action against Sony based on the notion that their European trade mark ‘Vita’ had not been used in the past five years. The EUIPO then cancelled the mark in 2014. However, Sony has supplied sufficient evidence to prove they use the trademark, and the General Court has annulled the previous decision.


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