IP & IT Law (3 September – 17 September)

IP & IT News

Amazon investigates reports that staff sold customer data

The Telegraph – 16 September

A Wall Street Journal report has claimed that Amazon staff have been selling confidential information to merchants who used Amazon as their selling platform. Sales figures and customer data are amongst the information sold.

European Parliament backs copyright changes

BBC News – 12 September

The European Parliament has approved a series of controversial changes to the Copyright Directive, including Article 13 and Article 11. Article 13 puts the responsibility of working agreements with rights holders on web giants, such as Amazon, whilst Article 11 ‘forces online platforms to pay news organisations for the use of their content.’

ICO: Public more trusting of companies to hold their data than a year ago

ITPro – 7 September

An annual survey conducted by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has revealed that only 15% of the 2,131 respondents trust social media companies with their data, and 34% had an overall level of trust in such companies. Although the figures are low, this is a rise on the data from last year which was 12% and 20% respectively.

British Airways customer data stolen from its website

The Guardian – 6 September

British Airways has reported that customer data had been stolen from its website, and 380,000 payment cards had been compromised. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be making inquiries about the data theft.

Lucy McHugh death: The challenge of accessing Facebook data

BBC News – 4 September

The recent murder of 13-year-old Lucy McHugh, has led police to call for social media sites to allow access to password protected information more quickly. BBC News discuss the ties Facebook has to US laws on data protection, and how this can slow down requests to access information on social media.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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