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Ship hack 'risks chaos in English Channel'

BBC News – 7 June

Ken Munro, partner and researcher at Pen Test Partners, has discovered a potential hacking threat to ships that cross the English Channel. According to Munro, ship tracking technology could be manipulated to change the size and position of boats; this could cause potential collisions and block the English Channel.

Amazon and eBay pull CloudPets smart toys from sale

BBC News – 6 June

A number of retailers, including Amazon and eBay, have pulled CloudPets from their websites as they are deemed a cyber security threat. The smart toys allow users to record their own messages and play back their friends messages; however, in 2017 it was discovered that these messages were being stored unprotected online.

Under the sea, Microsoft tests a datacentre that’s quick to deploy, could provide internet connectivity for years

Microsoft – 5 June

Microsoft is in the process of developing self-sufficient data centres which ‘can be ordered to size, rapidly deployed and left to operate lights out on the seafloor for years’. After years of research, an experimental prototype has been placed on the seafloor near Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

Facebook protests NYT's privacy breach claim

BBC News – 4 June

The New York Times has expressed concerns that Facebook has ‘given at least 60 device-makers access to users' friends' data without obtaining explicit consent’, including their planned events, political leaning and religion. Facebook has denied the allegations.

Nuisance call bosses could be personally liable for £500,000 fines

The Guardian – 30 May

A government consultation has revealed that directors of companies could be personally fined up to £500,000 if they do not prevent nuisance calls. This idea follows a number of issues the Information Commissioner’s Office has had with companies going into liquidation and not paying the fine. The consultation concludes in August.

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