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Amazon could make a bracelet that tracks workers' movements and buzzes them if they move in the wrong direction

Business Insider UK – 1 February

A patent filed by Amazon for a ‘cuff-like device’ that can track wrist movements has been granted. This new device is aimed at improving worker efficiency in warehouses by using ‘ultrasonic frequencies’ to guide workers to the correct items and send vibrations if a worker’s hand was moving in the wrong direction.


Supreme Court begins to hear arguments regarding website blocking for trade mark infringements

Out Law – 30 January

The Supreme Court will soon be giving guidance on the expectations for internet service providers (ISPs) to ‘pick up the cost of blocking customers access to websites that facilitate the sale of fake goods’.


Court rules that UK's digital surveillance powers are illegal

ITPro – 30 January

The European Court of Justice has upheld a previous High Court judgment that that UK's digital surveillance powers are illegal under EU law. The government will need to make changes to the Investigatory Powers Act and introduce safeguards around data retention.

Worried about Strava? It’s not the only app mapping our every move

The Guardian – 29 January

Following an accident with fitness tracking app, ‘Strava’, where the locations of secret military bases were uncovered due to soldiers running around with their fitness trackers, The Guardian examines the apps that can track our every move. Among them include, Google Maps and Facebook.


UK businesses far more confident re GDPR than their European counterparts

SC Media – 23 January

W8 Data has conducted a new study among businesses in Europe which reveals that more than 70% of UK businesses feel confident about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), compared to 52% in Spain and 27% in Germany. However, there is still more the UK can do to prepare as the study reveals 29% of UK businesses either do not know about or feel totally unprepared for GDPR.


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