IP & IT Law (14 May - 28 May)

IP & IT Law

Google and Facebook accused of breaking GDPR laws

BBC News – 25 May

Within hours of the new GDPR laws coming into force Google and Facebook, amongst others, have received complaints that they are forcing users to consent to targeted advertising. These companies may have to change their policies as it goes against GDPR to force someone to share their data with third parties in exchange for a service.

UK calls for special EU deal on data-sharing laws after Brexit

The Guardian – 23 May

The UK has called for a special deal on data-sharing laws after Brexit, and warned of significant economic and security dangers for Europe if they do not agree. According to a UK government presentation given to the EU team: ‘The continued, uninterrupted and secure flow of personal data between the EU and UK is vital for all partners.’

University of Greenwich fined £120,000 for breach of sensitive data

ITPro – 22 May

The University of Greenwich has been fined £120,000 after a security flaw led to a data breach in 2016. The data of both students and staff was leaked, and included sensitive information on learning difficulties and extenuating circumstances of students. This penalty is the first the data protection watchdog has issued to a university under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Apple-Samsung patent battle revived in California court

BBC News – 14 May

Apple and Samsung are going back to court for a third trial which involves the same set of patents. In 2012, Apple was awarded £772 million but this was significantly reduced at the previous retrial. The retrial judge, Lucy Koh, has stated she intends to apply a rule which restricts the two companies from rehashing evidence from previous trials.

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