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Four Rings to Rule Them All – German Federal Court of Justice Finds Trademark Infringement in Radiator Grille with Audi-Logo-Shaped Mounting Fixture

IPKat – 20 August

The German Federal Court of Justice has found a pare part manufacturer guilty of trade mark infringement after they sold a radiator grille designed for an Audi A6 without the four-ring Audi logo (protected by the EU trademark 000018762), but with a mounting fixture intended to receive this logo.

Government opens new round of digital funding for councils

Computer Weekly – 20 August

The £7.5m Local Digital Fund, launched in September 2018, has opened a new round, offering digital funding of up to £350,000 for local authorities across England. The money will be used to fund innovative digital projects that will improve public services for residents.

Facebook to stop stalking you off-site - but only if asked

BBC News – 20 August

Social Media giant, Facebook, is offering a new feature called ‘Off-Facebook Activity’, that allows users to view all the websites and apps that send information about you to Facebook. The feature is being rolled out to Ireland, South Korea and Spain initially, and will allow users to stop their future off-app behaviour being tapped.

Major breach found in biometrics system used by banks, UK police and defence firms

The Guardian – 14 August

A publicly accessible database was discovered to hold the fingerprints of over one million people, alongside facial recognition information, unencrypted usernames and passwords, and personal information of employees. The database is used by the UK Metropolitan police, defence contractors and banks, amongst others.

Making its mark - Liverpool's challenge

Mills & Reeve – 14 August

Mills & Reeve discuss Liverpool Football Club’s recent decision to try and register just the name ‘LIVERPOOL’ as a trade mark. According to the club, the trade mark would only apply to football sporting goods and related merchandise.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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