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King's Cross facial-recognition plans revealed by letter

BBC News – 3 September

Developer’s of King’s Cross Central have stated they want to install facial-recognition software to spot people who have previously committed an offence. A ‘limited’ facial-recognition system had been in use until March 2018 but has not been in place since. The British Transport Police commented that they have never contributed to any facial recognition technology in the Kings Cross Estate.

Google finds 'indiscriminate iPhone attack lasting years'

BBC News – 30 August

Google security researchers have found evidence of an attempt to hack iPhones that lasted for at least two years. The sustained attack used websites to discreetly implant malicious software to gather contacts, images and other data. Apple did not wish to comment on these findings.

Dutch data regulator warns Windows 10 still breaches user privacy

ITPro – 28 August

Microsoft has been accused of breaching EU data law by collecting diagnostic and non-diagnostic data from Windows Pro and Windows 10 Home users. The Dutch data protection regulator has passed details of the data collection over to the Irish Data Protection Commission, the local authority to Microsoft's EU headquarters.

Apple ends contracts for hundreds of workers hired to listen to Siri

The Guardian – 28 August

Apple has suspended its programme of checking Siri recordings to endure accuracy. As a result, hundreds of employees have lost their jobs, including over 300 from the Cork office in Ireland. There were concerns over the ethics of the programme, as employees heard private and confidential information whilst checking Siri recordings.

Can a computer program be listed as an inventor?

WilsonGunn – 28 August

A computer program, called DABUS, has been listed as the inventor for a patent application for the first time, in a move that is likely to challenge the position of intellectual property offices. According to the creators of DABUS, the programme has created two ideas they have filed patents for.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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