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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg 'survives' leadership vote

BBC News – 31 May

Shareholder’s of social media giant, Facebook, had the opportunity to vote on Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership this week. Zuckerberg survived the leadership vote, although he controls 60% of the voting power and would have had to vote against himself to lose. A number of investors have called for the tech giant to stepdown as chairman.

5G: EE launches UK's next-generation mobile network

BBC News – 30 May

5G has been launched in the UK, with EE live-streaming a Stormzy concert. 5G provides faster downloads and offers lower latency than 4G connections, although it can only be used on new phones. Vodaphone is also expected to roll out 5G in the coming weeks.

Game of Stones

Reddie & Grose – 29 May

Wiltshire-based brewers Wadworth and Co. have filed a trade mark application for a sign that clips onto a beer pump handle in the name of Game of Stones. Game of Thrones network, HBO, raised three grounds of opposition, all of which have been denied by the Hearing Officer.

Liverpool FC beats Lotto Sport Italia in trade mark dispute

WilsonGunn – 28 May

Liverpool Football Club has followed up its successful season on the pitch with another victory off the pitch, by successfully defending two trade mark registrations at the UK Intellectual Property Office (the UKIPO) against an opposition from the Italian sportswear manufacturer Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A. The UKIPO admitted that both designs were similar but that there was sufficient to distinguish between them.

Google faces Irish inquiry over possible breach of privacy laws

The Guardian – 22 May

The Irish data protection commission has opened an investigation into Google over suspected infringements of European Union privacy rules. The investigation will focus on whether Google’s Ad Exchange was in breach of GDPR.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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