International journal announces world class line up for sovereign wealth fund issue

International Review of Law

Special Issue - Sovereign Wealth Funds


Prof. Larry Catá Backer - A world renowned and highly acclaimed international law scholar, author of many books and articles, one of the most cited and respected international law scholars.

Prof. Locknie Hsu - former Associate Dean of Singapore Management University Law School, prolific scholar, intl and trade law expert.

Prof. Kazuhiro Nakatani - Prof of Int'l Law at the Univ of Tokyo, expert and author of numerous articles in trade, energy, Japanese and international law.

Anne Salladin - former senior counsel US Treasury now Of Counsel at Stroock's DC office.  Anne has a wealth of expertise in the US Govt CFIUS review process.

Pof. Julien Chaisse - Associate Prof at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and author of numerous books and articles, expert in international and economic law.

Dr. George Gilligan - Senior Research Fellow Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation University of Melbourne.

Dr. Qingxiu  Bu -  Univ of Sussex, international trade, economic and Chinese corporate law expert and author of numerous articles on trade, economics and China (in the process of peer review).

A guest foreword will be written by Dr. Edwin M. Truman who is an eminent expert on SWFs and international finance and is well-known in economic and political circles (he is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and worked for many years at the U.S. Federal Reserve).

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*Contributor list may change before publication

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