Immigration Law (22 October – 5 November)

Immigration News

Employers to have transition period before EU right-to-work checks

The Guardian – 1 November

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has contradicted recent comments from Caroline Nokes and assured employers that should a Brexit deal not be made there will be a ‘sensible transition period’ before they will have to make immigration checks on EU citizens. According to the Home Office, ‘employers will not be expected to differentiate between resident EU citizens and those arriving after exit’ but will have to carry out normal checks.

New fund to support vulnerable EU citizens apply for settled status

Gov.UK – 25 October

The Home Office has announced grant funding of up to £9 million in order to help EU citizens apply for settled status. The grants will help vulnerable individuals and will both inform and support them with their application to remain in the UK.

Home secretary apologises for immigrant DNA tests

BBC News – 25 October

A recent Home Office review has found that 449 people received letters demanding they take a DNA test to prove they were entitled to remain in the UK. The Home Secretary has apologised to those affected, stating it was ‘unacceptable’.

UK’s science reputation 'at risk if academic visa issues not resolved'

The Guardian – 22 October

The Wellcome Trust has suggested that the current immigration system could undermine the UK’s science reputation if not resolved before Brexit. These criticisms come after a number of barristers, delegates and speakers have faced visa issues trying to attend international conferences in the UK.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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