Immigration Law (21 May - 4 June)

Immigration News

No 10 expected to lift visa cap preventing doctors entering UK

The Guardian – 4 June

The Prime Minister is under pressure to lift the cap on visas for skilled migrants, after Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary, has distanced himself from the policy. According to the BMJ, over 1500 visa applications from doctors with job offers were refused between December and March of this year.

Grenfell Tower fire: Two admit £125,000 relief fraud

BBC News – 30 May

Two illegal immigrants have been charged with fraud after it was revealed they received more than £125,000 in relief costs by pretending to be victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The couple are Jamaican nationals who arrived in the UK in the early 2000s and had managed to avoid the authorities for 16 years.

Davidson urges May to drop migration target

BBC News – 29 May

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, has urged Theresa May to scrap the government’s target of reducing migration to ‘tens of thousands’. Shortages of labour in certain sectors and May’s refusal to remove overseas students from the migration targets have been two points of contention in recent months.

Charities criticise ruling on asylum seekers forced to share rooms

The Guardian – 28 May

A number of charities have expressed their concern over a recent ruling which forces unrelated asylum seekers to share bedrooms, stating it does not ‘breach environmental health laws’. The ruling followed a disagreement where Newcastle city council served six notices to the company contracted to house asylum seekers in the north-east.

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