Immigration Law (19 March - 2 April)

Immigration Law

Home Office letter nudges asylum seekers to return home

The Guardian – 2 April

In keeping with the Home Office’s recent plan to create a ‘hostile’ environment for illegal immigrants, The Guardian has revealed the department are encouraging asylum seekers to return home before their case has been considered.

Brexit: UK firms 'fearful' for future migration system

BBC News – 27 March

The Migration Advisory Committee has released a new interim report which reveals that businesses are concerned about recruiting workers when the UK leaves the EU. According to the report, many employers find EU workers ‘more reliable’ and more willing to work longer or more anti-social hours than British workers. Arguably as a result of Brexit, net EU migration has reached its lowest in five years.

Parsons Green tube bomber Ahmed Hassan jailed for life

The Guardian – 23 March

Ahmed Hassan, the teenage asylum seeker responsible for the Parsons Green bombing in September 2017, has been jailed for a minimum of 34 years. The homemade bomb failed to fully detonate but injured more than 50 people. Hassan has been involved in the prevent counter-radicalisation programme and is believed to have been associated with ISIS.

Is the restricted Certificate of Sponsorship process fit for purpose?

Kingsley Napley – 21 March

Kingsley Napley discuss the current Certificate of Sponsorship process and explore whether it is easy and effective. The article demonstrates how points are awarded, with focus on how shortage occupation roles are given priority but how this is causing problems in the NHS, schools and businesses.

UK to lift work restrictions for Croatians

BBC News – 19 March

The UK has removed the work restrictions for Croatians, giving them the same rights as any other EU nationals under the final Brexit deal. According to Caroline Nokes, there is not enough evidence to meet the legal requirements for extending the restrictions, and that circumstances have changed since they were first put in place in 2013.

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