Immigration Law (19 July – 2 August)

Immigration News

Leave to remain – but no home to remain in after fees treble

The Guardian – 31 July

The cost of renewing an application for a resident with limited leave to remain has increased by 238% in five years, reaching £2,033 per person in January 2019. Fees for a limited leave to remain application are applied per person and must be renewed every 30 months. This has put additional strain on those having to apply for the status.

Common ‘good character’ issues when applying to naturalise as a British citizen

Kingsley Napley – 30 July

Kingsley Napley discuss the good character requirements in nationality applications, which apply to applications from adults and all children over ten. Criminal convictions, fines, tax liabilities, NHS debt and breaches of immigration conditions can all negatively influence an application.

UK farmers demand more workers for the summer season

Kingsley Napley – 26 July

The National Farmers’ Union has been lobbying for increased flexibility for the recruitment of non-EEA nationals, following a shortage of workers for harvesting season. Many of the seasonal farm workers that typically travel over from Europe have been put off by Brexit.

Brook House: 'G4S made £14m profit from immigration centre'

BBC News – 22 July

The National Audit Office has found that G4S security firm made £14.3 million profit running Brook House immigration centre from 2012 to 2018. In 2017, it was revealed that staff at the centre had mistreated detainees, including alleged assaults, humiliation and verbal abuse.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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