Immigration Law (16 April - 30 April)

Feature of the Fortnight

In recent weeks, the Windrush generation scandal has predominated the news leading to criticism of the government’s approach to hostile immigration. The Windrush generation came to the UK on the MV Empire Windrush from the Caribbean after the Second World War. Any Caribbean immigrant who arrived in the UK before 1973 has a legal right to reside in Britain. However,
numerous Windrush immigrants have faced issues, including job loss, no access to free healthcare and threats of deportation due to a government crackdown on illegal immigration and their inability to prove they have lived in the UK since before 1973. The Independent discusses the destruction in October 2010 of landing cards resulting in some of the Windrush generation being unable to gather evidence needed to prove they have resided in Britain for decades. The Guardian discusses the Windrush scandal in relation to new data protection legislation which campaigners have warned will make it more difficult to challenge Home Office’s immigration decisions as it will prevent anyone seeking information about their immigration status in future. Kingsley
examines the potential effects the Windrush scandal may now have on future immigration policy. The article criticises the hostile environment approach to immigration and expresses hope that the personal stories of the Windrush generation will encourage immigration policy that is ‘positive, liberal, welcoming and forward looking’.

Immigration News

Amber Rudd’s resignation letter in full and the Prime Minister’s response

The Independent – 30 April

Following the controversy of the Windrush scandal and the immigration removal targets, Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary. Rudd is the fifth cabinet minister to have left their position since the snap election in June 2017. The Independent has published Rudd’s resignation letter in full.

NHS leaders say immigration cap is harming services

Personnel Today – 27 April

NHS leaders have stated that 400 visas for doctors have been refused since December 2017, including 100 doctors from India who were offered jobs by the health service. As a result of this, 35 NHS trusts have accused immigration officials of putting patient safety at risk.

Refugee employment rules need to be streamlined

Personnel Today – 24 April

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have published a report on engaging with employers in the hiring of refugees. The report argues that current regulations on the employment of refugees are too complicated and may deter organisations from offering them jobs.

Free citizenship for the Windrush generation

Gov.UK – 23 April

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced that the Windrush generation will be eligible for free citizenship, following a number of conflicts over immigrant status. The offer will be available to people from all Commonwealth countries, including those who do not have current documentation and children of the Windrush generation.

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