Immigration Law (14 June – 28 June)

Immigration News

How could a UK points-based immigration system work?

BBC News – 27 June

New MP candidate, Boris Johnson, has expressed an interest in looking into an Australian-style points-based system to put into place when the UK leaves the EU. In the Australian system, applicants are given points based on a number of professional and personal characteristics, with higher points awarded for more desirable traits.

Hundreds of children wait years for asylum decisions

BBC News – 27 June

The BBC has discovered that nearly 1400 child asylum seekers have had to wait over five years for decisions about their right to remain in the UK. These figures have nearly tripled in the last five years, and are consistent with the government abandoning their six month response target in May. According to the Home Office, asylum cases involving children

Scrap upfront NHS charges for migrants, says BMA

The Guardian – 25 June

Ministers have been urged to abandon upfront NHS charges for migrants, after a number of those denied care died. Members of the British Medical Association, which represents 155,000 doctors, has overwhelmingly backed a motion which called for ‘the policy of charging migrants for NHS care to be abandoned and for the NHS to be free for all at the point of delivery.’

Serco given new asylum housing contracts despite £6.8m fines

The Guardian – 20 June

Despite numerous fines totally £6.8 million, housing contractor Serco, has been awarded new contracts to house vulnerable asylum seekers. Since the company was first given the contract in 2012, leading charities have raised concerns over ‘squalid, unsafe, slum housing conditions’.

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