Immigration Law (13 August – 27 August)

Immigration News

Migration from EU to UK continues to fall, ONS figures show

BBC News – 23 August

Over the last year the number of EU citizens moving to the UK has decreased, reaching lows not experienced since 2012. Data from the Labour Force Survey demonstrates that there were 86,000 fewer EU nationals working in the UK from April to June 2018 than the same period the previous year.

UK festival directors demand end to ‘overly complex’ visa process

The Guardian – 21 August

Directors of some of the UK’s biggest festivals, including the Edinburgh international book festival, Manchester international festival and Bradford literary festival, have criticised the government for its ‘overly complex’ visa process. Numerous artists and authors had their visas declined or were subject to long and ‘unnecessary’ delays.

UK preparing to take ‘moral high ground’ on EU nationals if ‘no deal’ Brexit

ITV News – 20 August

Leaked government papers suggest that they plan to take the ‘moral high ground’ by allowing the 3.8 million EU migrants living in the UK to remain even if a ‘no deal’ Brexit occurs. However, this decision could also reflect the potential labour shortage Britain may face once the country leaves the EU.

Revealed: asylum seekers' 20-year wait for Home Office ruling

The Guardian – 17 August

According to data obtained by the Guardian, some asylum seekers have been left waiting 20 years by the Home Office for decisions on their asylum status. Last year, seventeen people received decisions they had been waiting over 15 years for, and four had been waiting over 20 years. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work whilst their application is being considered and are provided an allowance of £37.75 per week.

Drugs and safety fears at Morton Hall removal centre

BBC News – 16 August

Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire has been identified as a ‘concern’ with safety issues following the deaths of four detainees. The availability and supply of drugs has been a major concern within the centre, as is the rise of mental health problems among inmates.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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