Immigration Law (10 September – 24 September)

Immigration News

Children as young as ten denied UK citizenship for failing ‘good character’ test

The Guardian – 21 September

The Home Office has published figures revealing that over the last five years, an average of one child a week has had their citizenship application denied: as many as 400 children have not satisfied the government’s ‘good character’ test. In light of these statistics, critics have accused the Home Office of failing to promote children’s welfare.

Brexit migration report: 'No preference' for EU workers

BBC News – 18 September

The Migration Advisory Committee has advised the cap on the number of high-skilled migrants coming to the UK to be scrapped when Brexit is implemented. In a report commissioned by the government, the committee suggested removing a cap on all high-skilled migrants and restricting access for lower-skilled workers.

Immigration has made the UK more productive and prosperous - and will again in the future

The Independent – 18 September

The Migration Advisory Committee report commissioned by the government has examined the impact of immigration on the UK. According to the report, immigration increases productivity levels and has the potential to ‘increase the incentives for natives to up-skill.’ According to a separate paper, immigrants contribute £440 net fiscal more than natives.

Court of Justice upholds UK approach to Worker Registration Scheme for EU nationals

Free Movement – 17 September

Colin Yeo discusses the case  C-618/16 Prefeta v UK, where the Court of Justice of the European Union has upheld the UK’s approach to the Worker Registration Scheme. The scheme was in place between 2004 and 2011 and applied to those from new EU countries.

Any foreign worker with 'bona fide skills' free to come to UK under Labour, Diane Abbot to announce

The Telegraph – 13 September

Shadow Home Secretary, Dianne Abbott, has announced that any worker with ‘specified’ skills would be allowed to work in Britain under a Labour government, as long as no UK national can do the same job. Abbott has openly criticised the current immigration system and plans to create a policy that focuses on skills as opposed to numerical targets.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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