Handling Difficult People & Conflict Seminar

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You will learn how to approach conflict and hold those difficult conversations. You will practise handling colleagues under intense pressure, develop your social awareness, manage your emotions, and interpret the non-verbal signals people give off.

The course will allow productive, positive workplaces to be formed and maintained. In fast-moving organisations, delegates will bring back the knowledge to keep everyone focused on their professional goals and feel they are part of a valued team.

Through group sessions, you will discuss and practise the different methods to resolve conflict. Under the careful eye of our experienced trainer, you will define assertive communication, deal with aggression, and define problematic behaviour.

Key outcomes and benefits for conflict resolution:

  • Communicating Concisely
    Learn to Listen to Know What Response to Give - Identify Communication Strengths
  • Anger and Aggression
    Stay Focused, Stay Calm, and Know When to Escalate to Senior Colleagues
  • Role-Playing and Group Work
    Test What Has Been Learnt in a Series of Group Sessions – Know What Needs Developing”

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