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Many thousands of babies are living in households carrying very high risks: Children’s Commissioner

Family Law Week – 18 October

The Children's Commissioner for England has published a report entitled A Crying Shame, suggesting there are 15,800 babies under the age of one living at home, but considered ‘to be vulnerable or highly vulnerable and at risk of harm’. These statistics demonstrate the financial pressure many local authorities are facing.

Cafcass publishes a new set of guides to deal with complex children cases

Marilyn Stowe Blog – 16 October

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) has published a new set of guides to help Family Court Advisers deal with complex case factors in private law cases. John Bolch examines the framework in more detail.

Parents 'weaponising' domestic violence orders, claims charity

The Guardian – 15 October

The charity, Families Need Fathers, has claimed that the number of non-molestation orders has significantly increased in the last five years because ‘angry and vengeful parents’ are exploiting them in order to secure legal aid. Since the withdrawal of legal aid in all divorce cases except for those with domestic violence, there has been a 37.3% rise in the orders.

Thousands fleeing domestic violence face squalid housing

The Guardian – 14 October

Housing lawyers and charities have criticised the housing conditions faced by those fleeing domestic violence, calling them squalid, with some having mice, mould and no electricity. The current social housing crisis has led some to fear that victims might return to their abusers as they do not have a suitable alternative.

Child health outcomes to decline over next decade, experts warn

Cypnow – 12 October

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has published a report warning that child health outcomes in England are set to worsen over the next ten years if the current health strategy does not change. Obesity, epilepsy and asthma were some of the health issues addressed in the report, with poverty cited as a potential contributing factor.

Number of care cases in respect of newborn babies has more than doubled in last decade

Family Law Week – 11 October

The first national study of newborn babies in care proceedings has been conducted by the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University and the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. Between 2007/8 and 2016/17, the number of newborn babies being taken into care more than doubled, reaching 2,447.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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