Family Law (4 June - 18 June)

Family News

Early years cuts 'pushing more children into care' in England

The Guardian – 12 June

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has warned that cuts to ‘early years and youth services’ will lead to more children slipping through the net. Preventative services, such as Sure Start, have received cuts of up to 60% to their funding. As a result of this, more money is being spent on ‘high-cost child protection and care services’.

Transgender man wants to be named father

BBC News – 7 June

A transgender man has taken his case to the High Court, in order to challenge the current law that the person who gives birth to a child must be registered as mothers (as opposed to fathers). The transgender man was born a woman but was legally recognised as a man ‘by the time of the birth’. A trial will take place in September.

More than 350,000 children 'destitute', study finds

Cypnow – 7 June

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published a report revealing that 365,000 children experienced destitution at some point during 2017. The 785,000 households who were found to have experienced destitution were lacking in two or more of six household essentials during the past month.

Government pledges to improve young carer identification and support

Cypnow – 5 June

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has published a two-year Carers Action Plan for 2018-2020. The aim of the plan is to spot those young carers who may have slipped through the net and provide the emotional and practical support they need. The current Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has estimated that as many as 130,000 children who care for someone may not be known by the authorities.

ONS examines data on partner abuse in the UK

Marilyn Stowe Blog – 4 June

An article examining data on partner abuse in the UK over the last three years has been released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ONS has revealed that women between the ages of 16-24 are more likely to have experienced abuse in the past 12 months than those aged 45-59. Married women were also the least likely to experience abuse.

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