Employment and Pensions Law (20 August – 3 September)

Employment News

Two-fifths of employers believe office perks reduce employee stress

Employee Benefits – 30 August

A survey of 1,005 employees and 260 employers in the UK found that 40% of the employers believed office perks, such as free fitness classes and a games room, could reduce employee stress. 27% also believed the perks could improve productivity. Employees cited discounted gym memberships, access to showers, and quiet rooms at work as some of the benefits that help alleviate stress.

One in four graduates fears losing dream job to someone who can work for free

People Management – 30 August

According to a study by graduate jobs board, Milkround, 27% of the almost 6,000 recent graduates interviewed were worried that those who can afford to do unpaid internships would jeopardise them landing their dream job. 55% of respondents also believed that having internship experience would help secure them a job. Many careers now have an unwritten rule that graduates should have experienced a number of unpaid placements before applying for a role.

Worker who claimed open-plan office worsened her asthma loses appeal

People Management – 23 August

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has upheld the ruling of the Employment Tribunal (ET) in a case involving a woman with asthma. The woman in question worked for the Metropolitan Police and claimed the open-plan office exacerbated her ‘moderate persistent asthma’. The Met’s Command Control Centre was tested for air temperature, relative humidity and ‘wet bulb globe’ temperature, and all three fell within approved guidelines.

Pensions News

Elderly UK expats could see pensions stopped under 'no deal' Brexit, government warns

This is Money – 23 August

If there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit, retired expats in Europe could face losing access to their pension income and ‘other financial services’. Annuities, insurance, and lending and deposit service could all become far more inaccessible to Brits living abroad. Credit card fees and online shopping from the EU could also face a price hike.

One in five employers aware of staff falling victim to pension scams

Professional Pensions – 22 August

According to a study conducted by Barnett Waddingham, nearly 20% of employers are aware of one or more of their employees becoming victims of pension scams. The study also revealed that 38% of the organisations surveyed have raised awareness of pension scams in order to protect their employees.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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