Employment and Pensions Law (8 April – 22 April)

Employment News

Gender pay reporting ‘flawed in principle’, says statistics body

People Management – 12 April

Recent proposals released by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) have given ten suggestions to improve the current gender pay gap reporting. The RSS has commented that the currently system is ‘flawed in principle’ and requires ‘sanity checks’ in order to rectify mistakes and ambiguities.

Employer not liable for injuries of staff member ‘dropped on Christmas party dancefloor’

People Management – 11 April

The High Court has ruled that Cancer Research UK is not liable for injuries sustained by a staff member who was dropped at the Christmas party. The charity worker had filed for a £300,000 compensation claim, which was dismissed as ‘health and safety gone mad’, although the judge did admit the employee might have a claim against the man who dropped her.

Pensions News

MPs question regulator over Railways pensions

FT Adviser – 16 April

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is being questioned over its engagement with the Railways Pensions Scheme, which is reported to have a deficit of £5-£6 billion. Frank Field, chairman of the Work and Pensions select committee has stated that government action over the shortfall should send a ‘clear message to the industry.’

Two-thirds of schemes take protective steps against Brexit

Professional Pensions – 15 April

According to research conducted by Hymans Robertson, just under two-thirds of defined benefit pensions schemes are taking protective steps against Brexit. The report also found that found over a 37% of respondents had reviewed their employer covenant situation as a direct result of Brexit, and 29% had considered their contingency plans.

DWP spends £800,000 on Gogglebox adverts

Professional Adviser – 15 April

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been attempting to encourage people to save for retirement by spending nearly £800,000 on Gogglebox adverts. Sir Steve Webb said the adverts ‘really hit the mark’ in explaining workplace pensions.

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