Employment and Pensions Law (6 September – 20 September)

Employment News

Whistleblowing – future disclosures and reasonable belief

Farrer & Co – 19 September

Rachel Lewis from Farrer & Co discusses the whistleblowing cases of Bilsborough v Berry Marketing Services Ltd and Okwu v Rise Community Action. The cases examine protection for future disclosures and reasonable belief that disclosure is in the public interest respectively.

Vegetarianism a lifestyle choice not a protected characteristic, tribunal rules

People Management – 16 September

The Norwich Employment Tribunal (ET) has ruled that vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice and cannot be considered a protected characteristic in employment law. However, Judge Robin Postle did hint that there may be an argument for veganism to be, as there was a ‘clear cogency and cohesion in vegan belief’.

Pensions News

British Steel adviser has £81k to pay nine claims

FT Adviser – 18 September

S&M Hughes Limited, the pension adviser for British Steel, has less than £81,000 available for nine claims in relation to pension advice, after paying its creditors. FT Adviser discuss the claims in detail and what might happen to the pension advice company.

Seven in 10 employees are not actively engaged with their workplace pension

Employee Benefits – 10 September

According to research by Atlas Master Trust, 72% of respondents to the recent ‘Why engagement needs a reality check’ white paper, are not actively engaged in their workplace pension. Of the 2,500 respondents, 77% did not feel they knew enough to make informed decisions about their pensions, and 61% stated they found pensions confusing.


Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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