Employment and Pensions Law (6 May – 17 May)

Employment News

European Court rules that employers must keep records of actual time worked

Lewis Silkin – 16 May

Lewis Silkin discuss the case of Federacion de Servicios de Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) v Deutsche Bank SAE, where the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that employers should be required to record the actual daily working hours of their workers, to ensure the rules of the EU Working Time Directive are being followed.

Tribunal orders injury to feelings award for employee who was asked to keep her sexuality a secret

Kingsley Napley – 15 May

An Employment Tribunal has ordered company, Redwood, to pay an employee £8,000 in in the form of an injury to feelings award after she was asked to keep her sexuality a secret. The Managing Director of the company asked Ms McMahon to hide her sexuality as the company owner was ‘old school’ and she was the only gay employee.

Half of vegans feel discriminated against by their employer

People Management – 10 May

According to research by Crossland Employment Solicitors, nearly half of vegan employees feel discriminated against by their employer. The survey was made up of 1,000 vegan employees and 1,000 bosses. 94% of bosses said it was wrong for vegans to push their beliefs onto others, and 31% of vegan employees have felt harassed at work or unfairly treated due to their veganism.

Pensions News

John Lewis to close 44,000-member DB scheme in bid to save £80m a year

Professional Pensions – 16 May

The John Lewis Partnership has announced plans to close the defined benefit (DB) section of its combined pension scheme, following a year-long review and consultation. The scheme has 44,000 active members, and as of April 2020, all partners will have access to an ‘improved’ defined contribution (DC) section of the scheme.

Govt told to extend pensions regulator powers

FT Adviser – 16 May

Jamey Johnson, chief officer for Pension Wise, has recommended that the government extend The Pensions Regulator's powers to allow the body to make quick and appropriate changes in the sector. Johnson conducted the Tailored Review of The Pensions Regulator, which stated that ‘giving TPR these extended powers would put the organisation more in line with the Financial Conduct Authority’.

Bic scheme can recoup £5m from pensioners

FT Adviser – 16 May

The trustees of the Bic UK Pension Scheme could be forced to recoup £5m from pensioners, as the Court of Appeal rules that pension increases paid in 1991 were not valid. Stationary manufacturer, Bic, took the trustees to court in 2011 over the invalid increases. 194 pensioners are involved.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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