Employment and Pensions Law (23 August – 6 September)

Employment News

Manager was unfairly dismissed after raising concerns about ‘chronic’ staffing issues, tribunal rules

People Management – 2 September

An employment tribunal has found that Mr Mott, a logistics manger for a transport provider, was unfairly dismissed after raising multiple concerns about chronic staffing and operational problems in his business. Mott was criticised for pointing out problems but not finding any solutions for them.

London has the UK’s largest gender pay gap at 30.4%

Employee Benefits – 30 August

According to research by Paymentsense, London has the largest gender pay gap in the UK, with women earning 30.4% less than men. This equates to working 71 days for free, or an £8,303 difference in salary. The average UK gender pay gap stands at 17.9%.

South Western Railway strike: ‘Can I be sacked because my trains keep getting cancelled?’

The Telegraph – 30 August

Sophie Smith discusses whether employers can fire an employee due to commuting delays. This comes as South Western Railway (SWR) strike for the second time this summer. Companies are allowed to fire employees who routinely and can also make a hiring decision based on an employee’s location.

Pensions News

Govt to hand councils £1.5bn for social care

FT Adviser – 4 September

An additional £1.5 billion has been promised to local authorities to provide extra funding for social care, alongside further reforms. Such reforms include a ‘care pension’, which mixes drawdown and care insurance.

Doctors and teachers to bring age discrimination claims to tribunal over pension changes

People Management – 27 August

Legal claims are being launched regarding changes to public sector pension schemes in 2015, which have been deemed discriminatory against younger workers. Doctors, teachers and prison officers are amongst those preparing employment tribunal cases, as those more than ten years away from retirement were forced to switch to a less beneficial pension scheme.

Written by Ellie MacKenzie

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