Employment and Pensions Law (11 March – 25 March)

Employment News

Employers ‘still taking the wrong approach to diversity’

People Management – 22 March

Attendees at the Future Talent Conference in London have heard that employers are still taking the wrong approach to diversity, and that diversity should be thought of as a strategic initiative, as opposed to a policy. Hashi Mohamed, barrister at No5 Chambers and broadcaster at the BBC, said employers had inadvertently created a ‘class ceiling’.

Gender Pay Gap reporting – one year on, time to make progress

Farrer & Co – 15 March

As the deadline approaches for companies to report their second annual gender pay gap, Katie Lancaster looks back at what has changed since the reporting began last year. Only 12% of companies who have already reported have no pay gap, and at the current rate it will take another 50 years for it to be completely eradicated.

Woman who could not access emails about redundancy while on maternity leave was not discriminated against, rules EAT

People Management – 12 March

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has overruled a previous ruling that a woman who was on maternity leave and could not access redundancy related forms, was not discriminated against. The EAT judge did agree that the employee was treated unfavourably.

Pensions News

Jargon blamed for lack of pension saving

FT Adviser – 20 March

A survey of over 2,000 people, conducted by financial advice firm Portafina, has revealed that 84% of respondents want pensions documents to be written in plain English, and that jargon-heavy language leaves them disinterested in saving. Only 13% understood technical terms often found in pensions documents.

Government green-lights new pension scheme that promises to reduce employer burden

People Management – 19 March

Royal Mail will be launching the UK’s first collective defined contribution (CDC) pension scheme, in a bid to reduce the burden of employers. Pensions minister Guy Opperman has approved the new scheme, which pools the risk of workers investment, supposedly giving them a better retirement.

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