Employment and Pensions Law (25 June - 9 July)

Employment News

One in five LGBT people still aren’t ‘out’ at work, according to national survey

People Management – 4 July

According to a recent survey of LGBT employees, 19% of respondents have not revealed their sexuality at work. More than one-fifth of those who took the survey reported experiencing negative or mixed reactions about their sexuality in the workplace. The survey had over 108,000 responses and demonstrates that employers should do more to create an inclusive work environment.

One in four people think they will be working at age 70, finds new research

People Management – 2 July

Pension, insurance and investment company, Aegon, has conducted a survey on the factors that may influence consumers’ future financial wellbeing. 27% of the 700 respondents believed they would still be in some form of employment when they were 70, and 46% believed they would be healthy enough to continue working at 70.

Post Gap Analysis

Farrer & Co – 28 June

Three months on from the deadline for the gender pay gap reporting, Farrer & Co provide an analysis. Overall, 78% of the 10,015 companies that reported had a pay gap in favour of men, 14% favoured women and only 8% reported that they had no median gender pay gap. The article sets out tips and steps you should take to reduce such a gap.

The EU (Withdrawal) Act - what does it mean for employment law?

Lewis Silkin – 27 June

Lewis Silkin examine the effect of the EU (Withdrawal) Act on Employment Law as the Bill receives Royal Assent. For example, TUPE and the Working Time Regulations will still be implemented under domestic law, as will GDPR. Under section 5 of the Act, if there is an inconsistency between an EU directive and domestic law, a case can still be argued for an issue being resolved under the former.

Hermes tribunal result intensifies calls for ‘long overdue’ gig economy laws

People Management – 26 June

The Leeds Employment Tribunal has found that Hermes couriers are workers, not self-employed, in the latest of a string of similar cases. This decision has led to mounting pressure on the government ‘to align employment status laws to the modern gig economy’. The ruling could affect over 14,000 Hermes couriers.

Pensions News

National income targets would help boost pension saving – PLSA

Professional Adviser – 5 July

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has released a report proposing a number of reforms to help boost pension incomes and affordable living. The report recommends increasing minimum pension contributions to 12% of total salary by 2030 and ensuring schemes offer value for money. Retirement income targets, relating to the retirement lifestyle are also recommended.

Cold calling ban rules delayed

FT Adviser – 29 June

Plans to introduce a ban on pension-related cold calling have been pushed back to the Autumn. HM Treasury introduced an amendment to the Financial Claims and Guidance Act 2018 in March stating that the regulations should be made before the end of June 2018, however the government has missed this deadline.

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