Directors' Remuneration Handbook - The Launch

directors remuneration handbookThe state of pay was the hot topic for discussion at the High Pay Centre in Southwark on Monday 17th December. Shedding some light on this complex and often controversial subject was Cliff Weight, executive director of MM&K, the leading independent remuneration consultancy, and author of the new Bloomsbury Professional title Directors’ Remuneration Handbook.

Cliff began the evening by leading a seminar which considered how shareholders can engage more effectively with companies over pay and the need for remuneration committees to work better. The event was attended by key industry players including Tim Goodman from Hermes Equity Ownership Services, Simon Osborne from ICSA and Jane Fuller from Financial World. Several members of the MM&K team also joined the event, along with the Bloomsbury Professional marketing team and assistant editor Tom Prince.

Following the Q&A session, the champagne flowed as guests celebrated the launch of Directors’ Remuneration Handbook, an eminently practical book which Cliff hopes will ‘help people see through the current complexity, obfuscation and fog about pay and enable all interested parties to see the underpinning logic in the remuneration arrangements’.

Born out of a few contributory chapters in Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook (Bloomsbury Professional, April 2012), this brand new title collates Cliff’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field to offer the most comprehensive guide to directors’ remuneration on the market.

Directors’ Remuneration Handbook provides a source of reference for key legislation and best practice guidance and includes coverage of the Directors’ Remuneration Report Regulations, first introduced in 2002, and substantially revised in 2012, requiring every quoted company to publish all details of pay in their annual accounts.

Directors’ Remuneration Handbook is available now for only £85. Order your copy today:

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978 1 84766 888 2

Extent: 732pp

To read more about the State of Pay event, visit the High Pay Centre’s blog:


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